The Fire Protection Association New Zealand Incorporated (FPANZ) and the New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) have developed a Code of Practice to provide guidance to FPANZ members on best practice in providing evacuation consultancy services. This Code of Practice will be the first of a suite of codes covering various aspects of fire protection in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s fire protection standards and building compliance regime, requiring regular maintenance, inspection and testing of systems, and evacuation planning and training, are amongst the best in the world, providing a solid platform for a fire-safe environment. The effectiveness of this framework is evidenced by the very low number of fatal fires in non-residential buildings in New Zealand over the last decade.

Successful evacuation of buildings without loss of life is central to fire protection and the purpose of the Building Act. Given this focus on life safety, other than standards for evacuation lighting, there are currently no New Zealand Standards governing evacuation planning and schemes. Similarly, there is no occupational licensing requirement for evacuation consultants.

As FPANZ certified Fire Evacuation Consultants, move beyond merely knowing and complying with the relevant legislation and regulations (such as the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006), to set the benchmark in terms of best practice and professionalism. They continually strive to improve systems and performance through benchmarking practices, ongoing training, and monitoring. Standards, codes of practice and practice guidelines are vital to the fire protection industry


For a copy of the latest Code of Practice click here