Aon Sprinkler Contractor Certification & Listing 

The new 2018 Sprinkler Contractor Certification - Application & Renewal Pack can be downloaded below.  

Any old forms are no longer accepted as of 1st December 2017 due to a number of changes in the order or listing types and activities.  

All applications must now be completed electronically and sent to the Executive Director of the FPA at  Please ensure all required information is completed and required supporting documentation is also included with your application or renewal. 

FORM 7 Sprinkler Contractor Certification-23Oct18 FORM 7 Sprinkler Contractor Certification-23Oct18

A current list of FPA members who are also Certified Sprinkler Contractors can be found HERE 

For all Certified Sprinkler Contractors a list can be requested from Contact Aon

Aon Sprinkler Certification Technical Notes

The following Technical Notes are supplied by Aon.  Any comments or questions on these should be sent directly to

TN 09-01 (Rev Oct 09) Flexible Dropper Assemblies_updatedDecember2015

TN 09-01 (Rev Oct 17) Flexible Dropper Assemblies.pdf

TN 09-01 (Rev Sep 17) Flexible Dropper Assemblies.pdf

TN-08-02 Rev 2 -Certification of New Systems Reporting_updatedDecember2015

TN-09-03 Deteroriation of Water Supplies

TN-09-04 Rev 2 Sesimic Design Certificates for Tanks_updatedDecember2015

TN-09-05 Potentially Faulty Sprinklers -updatedDecember2015

TN-11-06 Pumpset Flexible Couplings_updatedDecember2015

TN-11-07 certification of Exisitng Systems_updatedDecember2015

TN-11-07 certification of Exisitng Systems

TN-11-08 Attachment

TN-11-08 FFWS

TN-12-09 Fire Service Inlets_updatedDecember2015

TN-13-10 System Isolations_updatedDecember2015

TN-14-11 Diesel Fire Pump Batteries_updatedDecember2015

TN-14-12 Water Supply Testing_updatedDecember2015

TN-14-13 Pipe Work Standards_updatedDecember2015

TN-14-14 Sprinkler Systems and NZS4219_updatedDecember2015

TN-15-15 Sprinkler System Compliance Documentation_updatedDecember2015

TN-15-15 Sprinkler System Compliance Documentation

TN-15-16 Application of Alerternative Standards

TN-15-17 Concealed Plate Sprinklers_updatedDecember2015

TN-15-17 News Letter_updatedDecember2015

TN-15-19 Strainers

TN-15-20b Hydraulic Allowances

TN-16-20 Hydraulic Allowances

TN-16-21 Water Supplies

TN-16-22 appendix Hardware requiring listing

TN-16-22 Listed Equipment

TN-16-23  Pump House Ventillation

TN-16-24 Valve Overhaul

TN-16-25 Valve Supervision

TN-16-26 Insulation sagging

TN-16-27 200mm Pipe

TN-16-28  Certification of Installations

TN-16-29  Compliance with Standards Rev 1

TN-16-30 Storage Declarations

TN-17-31 - Storage boxes

TN-17-32 Couplings

TN-17-33  Diesel engine throttle controllers

TN-17-34 Documentation guidance

TN-17-35 Challenging ceilings

TN-17-36 Jet Fans

TN-18-37 Flow Testing Considerations

TN-19-39 Sprinklers in Wardrobes

TN-19-40 External Transformer Fire Protection

TN-20-41 Requirement for a Building Consent

TN-20-43 Managed Evacuation Systems & NZS 4541:2020