Get it Right Seminars

FPANZ run a series of full -day workshops throughout the country to train and educate members of the industry. 

The workshops are a continuing effort to improve the industry, with new and updated training, information and to create forums for equipment suppliers, and other valued stake holders to engage on a frequent basis and their continue professional development.  Some of the material used at these seminars is provided below for those who attended and want to review this again.   

Download the presentations from the seminars below

2014 Series Material


Auto Jockey Pumps Auto Jockey Pumps

Corrosion Corrosion

Seismic Hanging and Bracing Seismic Hanging and Bracing

2015 Series Material

NZS4219 Design Approach NZS4219 Design Approach

Seismic Design FPA 2015 Seismic Design FPA 2015