Platinum Membership

A Platinum Member: 

A company or organisation that wishes to take an active role in the fire protection industry and the activities of the Association.

Corporate and Organisation Platinum is the highest level of membership available within the Association. Platinum members are approved on application to the Board of Directors. All Platinum members agree that they and their staff will be bound by the FPANZ Code of Ethical Conduct and by the FPANZ Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure.

Corporate Platinum

A Corporate Platinum member is a company or entity that directly provides commercial products and/or services in the area of fire protection or safety.

Organisation Platinum

An Organisation Platinum member is a company or entity that generally does not directly provide fire protection products or services, but has an interest in the fire protection industry. An Organisation Platinum member can also be an end user, institutional body, sponsor, national or local government entity or any other organization that does not wish to be listed on the Association’s website under the provider section. A separate section of the website will be established to support members in the Organisation category.

Pricing for Platinum Membership

Pricing for Platinum membership is by negotiation with the board of Directors

Corporate Platinum, like other tiers, is based on employee numbers of EFTE’s (Equivalent Full Time employees).

Once a Platinum member’s application to the Board of Directors has been approved, membership is upgraded immediately.

Our Memberships

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