All Membership applications on hold until December 2020

We are currently in the process of reviewing and rebuilding the membership process, criteria, requirements and membership tier levels.   

We have had considerable growth in the association in the past few years and our membership offering has not kept up with the changes in our membership base.  It has been over six years since the current membership process was launched, and we need to review and update things to reflect the changes, both in our organisation and the fire protection industry.  The board has therefore requested all current membership applications are temporarily put on hold until this process is complete and formalised.  

We hope to begin processing new membership applications in December once we have all of the new membership levels, process, updated forms, logos and marketing material completed.   Please check back here in December, or feel free to email us and we will contact you once the update is complete and we are ready to accept new members again. 

Kind Regards 
Team @ FPA

Fire Protection Association NZ