Become a member of the FPA


There are three main types of membership available with FPA, Corporate, Organisation and Personal within these types there are tiers based on numbers of staff.  Please review these before selecting your membership type. 

Once you have decided which membership option then print the relevant application form and Code of Ethical Conduct Declaration.  Then send back the completed forms along with the documentation outlined below to

Membership Process Membership Process

Code of Ethical Conduct Code of Ethical Conduct

Corporate Application Corporate Application

Personal Application Personal Application

Code of Ethical Conduct Declaration Code of Ethical Conduct Declaration

All applications must include the documentation outlined below.

  1.  Completed membership form
  2.  Certificate of Incorporation (where applicable)
  3.  Signed copy of the FPANZ Code of Ethical Conduct Declaration (Must be signed by a Director as listed on the companies register website)
  4.  A profile of the applicant’s business activities
  5.  A brief CV for the applicant’s principal Director(s) and/or senior manager(s) who will be directing the applicant’s fire safety or fire protection activities, including previous employment with period of employment, roles, qualifications and relevant professional membership
  6. A copy of current Public Liability insurance policy certificate.
  7. Names and contact details of 3 unrelated referees

Once the application pack is received the Chief Executive Officer will review this with the Board of Directors who will advise of the status of the application.

And our Corporate Profile is also available for download.