Ray Grant

Ray Grant

Ray showed the potential in many young men who enter into a good Trade Apprenticeship discipline that encourages additional study through the present Polytechnic system.

By commitment to use of their free time in study to gain further qualifications the rewards come throughout their later lifetime.

His early years as an Electrician servicing industry clients prepared him with good Technical and people skills that the Fire Protection required with the advent of more sophisticated electrical- based detection equipment in the 1960s.

He managed the fit out of the Maui Offshore platform fire protection with special hazards -Halon and Dry Powder systems - using state of the art detection.

With the advent of the new Building Code in 1952 he became competent as a Fire Design Engineer, which he practiced with very satisfying success.

As a fellow employee, I valued his careful analysis and advice he could provide.

The Honour being bestowed was fully earned by one who assisted many other young trainees