Inspection of Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Sprinkler ,fire alarm, fire extinguishing and smoke extraction systems combined with passive fire protection all have a crucial role in ensuring fire safety in buildings. They save lives, and help to minimize unnecessary costs or other losses. Well-functioning systems detect fires effectively and extinguish them rapidly, contain the spread of fire and also help to remove harmful smoke from the building.

Risks and accidents to building owners and occupiers may occur if your fire safety systems are not maintained, inspected and used properly. FPANZ has a special interest group (SIG)who are dedicated to promoting inspection standards to property owners /occupiers and industry practitioners to ensure the safety and reliability of their equipment by regular inspections for compliance and standards assessments.
In all inspections tests are completed to make sure your equipment is functioning correctly.. After the inspection the owner /contractor will receive a report, which includes a conclusion of the inspection and possible actions to be taken.
Some of the inspections are prescribed by law and the equipment owners are responsible to follow up such demands from the territorial authorities.

Benefits of Inspection of Fire Safety Equipment

• Increases fire safety
• Helps to avoid costs caused by malfunctioning hardware
• Follows up that your equipment is maintained properly
• Ensures that your systems meet your legal requirements
• Provides a level of health and safety compliance
• Business continuity in the event of fire can be improved