How is "Recycling" Distinguished from Recovery and Reclamation?

The term, "recycling" is used in a variety of ways concerning the processing of clean agents. In its broadest usage, it refers to a process that involves recovery, recycling and reclamation. These terms are defined as follows.

Recovery: The collection and storage of controlled substances (such as Halon) from machinery, equipment, containment vessels, etc., during servicing or prior to disposal.

Recycling: The process of removing contaminants (oils, nitrogen, particulates, moisture) by refrigeration and filtration so that the Halon can again be used in a fire suppression system.

Reclamation: The reprocessing and upgrading of a recovered controlled substance through such mechanisms as filtering, drying, distillation and chemical treatment, in order to restore the substance to a specified standard of performance.

Recycling and reclamation, as defined above, are sometimes together referred to as "recycling."

A key objective of H3R Clean Agents is to facilitate the redeployment of clean agents that we have recovered and recycled to customers who require them for critical uses, and who commit to using this finite resource responsibly.