Halon recovery for safe environmental disposal

The Ministry for the Environment has issued an invitation for submissions on “Priority Waste Streams for Product Stewardship Intervention”. This consultation’s scope includes Greenhouse Gas Refrigerant Materials, Halon 1211 (BCF), and Halon 1301 (BTM). We, as Halon recovery, have prepared and placed a submission to the Ministry. 

On the basis our proposal is acceptable, we may yet continue to focus on Halon recovery throughout New Zealand. 

While the Ministry acknowledges that FPANZ-owned Halon Recycling NZ Ltd has been active, they have not yet acknowledged the substantial progress made to date which is the safe environmental destruction of 48,000kg of Halon, and the recovery of 13,000kg of Halon 1301 for essential-use recycling. 

There is now no Halon material or transfer plant available in New Zealand to sustain any “Servicing Operation”, nor any remaining system hardware. 

The bad news for residual Halon owners is that future shipments for destruction will be at increased cost due to the relocation of the Australian destruction plant and a new Contractor. 

On the bright side, however, we do have strong support from the Australian Ministry for the Environment to continue our efforts to safely dispose of all residual Halon. 

Further Proof of the contribution from our two Industries (Fire Protection & Refrigeration) in Australia & New Zealand, was no hole developed in the Ozone Layer over Antarctica last summer. 

All Halon hand operated fire extinguishers and Gas Flood systems will need to be decommissioned to meet proposed new regulations, with disposal by “safe environmental“ destruction. This is only available through Halon Recycling Ltd using the unique destruction process provided in Australia.