FPANZ Board & Council

FPANZ Board & Council for 2017

Executive Director: Scott Lawson
President: Keith Blind
Vice President: Chris Mak

Elected Members Representatives:

Bryce Donaldson Argus
David Prosser Tyco Fire Protection Products
Richard Stewart AFAM
Simon Nathan Fire Security Services
Kevin Borley AMPAC
Kris Tocker Ultrafire
Michael Belsham Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

Chairs, Special Interest Groups:

Paul Ryan Passive Fire Protection SIG Chair
Kiran Soma Contractos SIG Chair
Phil Jackson Evacuation Consultants SIG Chair
Steve Smith HOFFE SIG Chair
Jason Godsmark Inspectorate SIG Chair
Trent Fearnley Training SIG Chair

Associated Industry Group Representatives:

Bill Sole Competenz
Trent Fearnley Institute of Fire Engineers NZ Branch
Rob Saunders New Zealand Fire Service
Michael James Society of Fire Protection Engineers (NZ Chapter)
Rob Fenton New Zealand Fire Equipment Manufacturers Association

Board Members:

President: Keith Blind
Vice President: Chris Mak
Independent Treasurer Kerry Ludlam

Michael Belsham
Rob Fenton
Chris Orr
David Prosser
Paul Ryan

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