FPANZ Structure

FPANZ is a not-for-profit Incorporated Society that is governed by a constitution and Board of Directors with its national head office based in Auckland. The operating structure of the FPANZ has a constitution as the framework and is based on three tiers comprising of a Management Board, A National Council and Special Interest Groups. 

The Association is represented across New Zealand by Special Interest Groups made up of active members from within the fire industry. 

Central to our vision is a focus on advocacy in order to influence change and deliver improved fire safety outcomes for the community.

Key Industry Relationships

The Association collaborates with and maintains relationships with a large number of its members, insurers, central and local government, the New Zealand Fire Service and other interested parties in the industry both locally and globally. 

FPANZ is also very active in representing the industry voice via Standards NZ through the continued review of the relevant fire standards. FPANZ gives it members a direct voice to Standards NZ with the positions it holds during standards review processes. We also work with FPANZ members and Standards NZ as part of the formal interpretation of relevant standards where clarification of a standard or part of a standard is required.